Friday, September 23, 2016

Sophie rolled her eyes as the power shuts off for the 5th time that week. Sighing, she slammed the door closed to the apartment door littered with red eviction notices. As she carried the last of her things to her car, she heard the complaints of her noisy neighbors and tried to drown out their annoying whines with the clicking of her heels and clacking of her overflowing suitcase.
Ellen Davis, immersed in the chaos of the blackout, didn’t see her as she headed out to Simone Boulevard. Ellen had always hated Sophie since she moved in two years ago. Maybe it was her insane parties that went all night or that she hadn’t paid her rent in the last three months. That wasn’t her fault though- it was her dad’s for cutting her off. All because of her last trip to Bora Bora. The plane ride back got a little wild and the pilot was having too much fun and maybe a little too much drink. Luckily no one got hurt in the emergency crash landing- but her dad was not happy about the tarnish of the Stone family name.
“Get a job,” he had barked at her after she asked how she was supposed to go to Paris next month with her friends or afford the new designer clothes that would be released after fashion week. She begged and pleaded but her dad stayed firm and indefinitely froze all 12 of her credit cards. Now she was left with the $1,000 in her personal bank account. Luckily Doug’s Bar down the road was hiring and she quickly got the job, probably not because she was at all experienced, but because of the tight skirt and low cut top she had worn to the interview. All the creeps in this town had always irked her, but now she had to use their perverse nature to her advantage.

As the reality that she now had nowhere to live sunk in, Sophie got lightheaded and leaned against her 2016 Land Rover. She crammed the rest of her crap in her car and headed over to Doug’s, where she was already 20 minutes late for her shift.