Tuesday, November 8, 2016

“I’d like my old room back please.” Sophie said as she plopped down a year’s rent on Ellen Davis’s desk and watched Munny pang scurry off with a water bottle and a huge grin. Ellen looked at the wad of cash, counted it silently in her head and reached for the room key. She gave Sophie a scornful look and handed it over.
“Do you have any Voss back there?” Sophie asked, peeking over Ellen’s desk. Ellen blocked her view and gave Sophie a look she’d seen plenty of times. “Right, well, can you have Harvey bring my stuff up to my room? I rented a truck to bring it all over.”
“Harvey’s busy.” Ellen said firmly.
“Yeah, building your shrine,” Sophie thought and walked out to her car. “I should have a party.” She said out loud. A party would be the perfect thing to take people’s minds off the water issue. Who needs water when there’s alcohol anyway? Sophie began planning the guest list in her head and she carried her things inside The Victorian.
“Thank you,” She said to whoever held the door open for her. She looked back. Anthony Moretti. She’d never thought much of him, he was always so quiet. Sophie got his attention as he walked towards the elevator.
“Hey! Anthony!” she called and waved. “What are you doing this Saturday?” Before he could answer, she went on. “Great! I’m having a party. 8 pm, 305, see you then!” The elevator doors closed as he was opening his mouth to reply. Sophie headed back to get more stuff and smiled to herself. She was excited to have a little fun.

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